Jasper AI Free Trial (2022) – Try For 5 Days With 10k Words Credit

Price ranges$29 to $3,600 per month
DiscountGet Boss Mode for just $59/mo instead of $119/mo [Link Activated]
Free trial5 day
Money-back guarantee5-day money-back guarantee

Are you looking for a Jasper.ai Free Trial? If so, you can try it out before deciding if this tool will work well with your needs or not and can help you get started with all of the features that are included with 50+ different copywriting skills in this AI copywriting tool.

Does Jasper AI offer a free trial?

Yes, they offer a 5-day free trial with 10,000-word generation credits to allow test writing something your own. The best part is that there are no restrictions on features during this period, and all of their features can be used freely.

What is Jasper AI? (Formerly Conversion AI, Jarvis AI)

what is jasper ai

Jasper.ai is a new AI copywriting tool that helps you generate content entirely from scratch, with the same quality as human writers. You’ll be able to write long-form content, email writing, a paragraph for your article, and social media updates in less time than all using this innovative AI software.

It’s never been easier to generate high converting content with the click of a button. This great AI copywriting tool helps writers eliminate their block and generates copy for ads and marketing materials content.

How does Jasper AI work?

Once you sign up for the free trial, you’ll be able to access their AI copywriting tool. This is where you start inputting your content. You can either type it in yourself or use Jasper AI to help generate ideas for you. It’s really simple to get started, and you can be creating high-quality content in minutes.

Once you have your content ready, you can choose from a variety of different voiceover actors to read your content aloud. You can also choose to have it translated into other languages if needed.

The software works by taking your input and turning it into a well-written copy using natural language processing. You can either write your own copy or use one of their templates to get started. Then, simply enter your topic, industry, target audience, and any other relevant information, and the software will generate a high-quality piece of content tailored to your specific needs.

How Do You activate Jasper Free Trial?

You can activate your free trial of Jasper by clicking on the “Free Trial” button on their website and following the instructions.

You will be asked to input your name and email address, and you’ll then be able to start using Jasper with 10,000-word generation credits.

You can use these credits to generate content for your own projects or to see how Jasper works.

To activate your free trial you just follow a few steps:

Go from here to Jasper.ai

Click on the “Claim 10,000 words free” button

claim jasper 10,000 words free credit

You’ll continue to the next step

there are two options to create an account to get a free trial

  1. Create your account with your Google account.
  2. Enter your full name, email and create a password, and hit the continue button to the next step.
jasper ai

here’s the step, you will enter your company name and domain name and click to continue

jasper ai

and the next step selects your purposes to use this AI tool and click on the Next button.

blog post

After clicking on Next.

You’ll get two plans to go with one, and I’d recommend you start with Boss Mode because this is the pro plan, and you’ll get all features of Jasper.

free trial

And You will enter your card details to start your free trial and hit the start trial button, and during a 5-day free trial, you’ll not charge any amount.

jasper ai free trial

Congratulations! You’re currently enjoying a 5-day free trial. It’s always exciting when people take the first step into this brave new world, and we hope that you’ll feel empowered after experiencing the many benefits of this AI copywriting tool.

Jasper ai dashboard

Why Should You Using This AI Tool

  • Using this tool, you’ll never have writer’s block again.
  • Write more articles in hours than you have in days.
  • With this AI-powered copywriting tool, you can write like a pro, but don’t worry if you’re not experienced in that area. You’ll produce quality content because copywriters and conversion experts have trained it.
  • One-click content generation
  • It can generate plagiarism-free content.
  • It enables you to write Facebook ads, google ads, email newsletters, and 20 more things. You can find it here all.
  • Written in a conversational tone, just like you and I are talking to each other. It helps you connect with your readers more effectively

Jasper Features That makes Better Than Other AI Writers

Boss Mode (Long-From Assistant): Boss Mode is a great way to get more out of your writing, and you’ll be able to write long-form content and headline to conclusion paragraph content without any help from copywriters.

When activated, it will write long-form content automatically with fewer AI commands and higher-quality copywriting related to the reader in mind. You can also use this function when working on different parts within documents, so you don’t have trouble navigating between sections quickly.

Breakthrough Writer’s Block: This AI copywriting tool will help you overcome your writer’s block by providing 50+ AI copywriting templates for content creation. You can quickly write any piece of information without worrying about coming up with an original idea, and it has the potential to become even more helpful as it learns from its mistakes in future edits.

SEO Mode: This writing tool can generate SEO-optimized content. It’s like having artificial intelligence with you at all times to help craft your content for the best possible outcome and make sure it ranks high on search engines. And this AI writer integrated with Surfer SEO.

Reads and writes in 25+ languages: In this AI tool can write creatively and clearly in 25+ languages, no matter what your native tongue.

Generate Plagiarism Free Content: When you’re worried about plagiarism, don’t worry about it because this AI writing tool generates unique content that is 99% original for you to enjoy without worrying about getting caught in a plagiarism hassle. After generating the content from this AI tool, you can check with any plagiarism checker tool.

Ease of Use for Beginners: You can produce quality content with this AI copywriting tool. And you can write like a pro without having any experience in that area. Don’t worry because copywriters and conversion experts have trained it.

Affordable for Most Users: This AI tool for creating compelling copy. It can be used to quickly and easily generate captivating content that helps you get your message across in the best possible way. So this ai copywriting tool that’s affordable for most. For all of your copywriting needs, there’s a tool that will fit the bill.

Content Generating in Conversational Tone: Connect with your readers more effectively, just like you and I talk to each other. This tool helps you write in a conversational tone that makes them feel like you’re right there on the page.

Jasper AI Pricing and Plans: How Much Does It Cost?

jasper ai pricing

They offer two different pricing plans, including the Starter for $29/month, which includes 20,000 words per month, and Boss Mode costs $59/month with 50,000 words limit, but you have a burden of work if writing than can expand your words limit as needed.

Simply slide the blue stick on the pricing icon you will increase your words limit according to your need.

Starter Plan: If you go with the starter plan which is just starting at $29/month for a 20,000-word limit. You will write short sentences like headlines or product descriptions that are optimized for search engines and improve the content of your blog posts with an intro and conclusion with 50+ Al copywriting templates.

With this plan, you can generate short-form content and but you can’t generate long-form content.

Boss Mode Plan: Boss Mode is an extended version of the pro plan starting at $59/month for a 50,000-word limit. You can write 5x faster than ever before. It’s like having a personal assistant that formats the text and generates plagiarism-free content for any topic.

When you are in “Boss mode,” they provide AI commands to write long-form content.

You can also use the voice command feature, which allows speaking about what kind of post would suit your needs best such as writing an entire article by just saying, Hey Jasper, write a blog post on [topic].

Starter Plan Vs Boss Mode Plan

Jasper.ai Pricing StarterBoss Mode
Price$29/monthStart at just $59/month
User seatsUnlimitedUnlimited
Word generated20,000 per month50,000 per month
Best for writingShort copywritingLong-form content
No. of copywriting templates50+50+
Supported languages2626
SupportIncludedPriority – 3X Faster Response Time
Long-form assistantNoYes
Document editorNoYes
No. of project foldersUnlimitedUnlimited
Jasper voice commandNoYes
Grammarly integrationNoYes
SEO modeNoYes
Plagiarism checkerNoYes
Training boot campIncludedIncluded

Jasper AI Features And Templates

I’ve been using this tool for a very long time, and I can’t just imagine writing my article without this awesome AI-powered content generation tool.

jasper ai templates

Check out the awesome templates and features that they offer:

  • AIDA Framework: They have an AIDA template that helps you write Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action to create better content on-demand for your audience while they are interested in what’s happening around them or with their lives.
  • PAS Framework: They have a creative framework called PAS Problem-Agitate-Solution that helps to generate new marketing copy ideas.
  • Content Improver: A well-written piece of content will be more interesting, creative, and engaging to read than the original. Use this template for a better chance that your audience pays attention.
  • Perfect Headline: You can use this powerful headline generator to write headlines that will make you stand out from the competition.
  • Product Description: This template is a great way to make your copy more engaging and creative. Use this template for product descriptions, landing pages, or websites you want people to read and take action on.
  • Blogpost Outlines: If you’re the type of writer who doesn’t like writing outlines for each article but instead wants an easy way to plan out your thoughts and ideas before getting started, then this template will generate a perfect blog post outline for your article.
  • Sentence Expander: This Sentence Expander template can generate longer sentences from shorter ones.
  • Email Subject Lines: Use this template to create email subjects with great appeal that get people hooked on opening emails from you.
  • Persuasive Bullet Points: Every idea starts with a bullet point. This template helps you generate persuasive points to win over your customers, and it can be used on the landing page, feature key of your article or email copy.
  • Facebook Ad Headline: You can use this incredible Facebook Ad Headlines Generator to create eye-catching and attention-grabbing headlines that will get your ad seen by more people.
  • Google Ads Headline: Google Ads Headline template will help you to create high-converting headlines for your ad copy.
  • Amazon Features (Bullet Points): Amazon listings can be improved with this template that has key points about the product’s features and benefits.
  • Video Script Hook and Introduction: You can create a compelling, attention-grabbing video intro with this template that will capture your viewers and make them stick around.
  • Feature To Benefit: It has a feature-to-benefit template that will help you convert your general product or service features into benefits for customers and clients. This is great because it increases the chances they’ll take action rather than just reading bland details about the product or service.

There are times when you would like to generate some content around certain keywords, but it seems that there is no argument that could help you do that effectively. If this sounds familiar, don’t rush to change your blogging approach yet! We’ll make sure that you won’t feel like giving up.

Who is a perfect fit for?

This AI tool can help you with any workload in your freelancing or contracting business. This artificial intelligence will give you a head start on saving time and building more intelligent workflows for yourself to get more done every day.


One of the main reasons bloggers fail is that they don’t know how to produce quality content. That’s where this AI Copywriting software comes in. To help you create high-quality articles for your blog posts, it’ll be just minutes and not hours.


Do you want to get rid of writer’s block? then it can help you with a creative AI copywriting tool.


Marketers know that conversion rates need a lot of work to be optimized, and also marketers often ask themselves how they can get more conversions on their ads, emails, and social media pages. they provide AI copywriting templates for you to help you write SEO-targeted content with actionable insight.


Ever got a project you needed to finish quickly?

The pressure is on, and agencies are challenged with tasks that require them to work at a certain speed. And It can help deliver the completed project quickly through marketing templates and efficiently, saving time for both agencies and clients.

If you find yourself short on time for your clients’ work, use this AI tool to deliver it in record speed with 50+ copywriting templates.


Jasper.ai is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to save time and produce high-quality content. Whether you are a blogger, author, marketer, or agency, It can help you write better content faster. With its AI copywriting capabilities and plagiarism checker, you can ensure that your content will be of the highest quality.

FAQ About Jasper AI

Is Jasper.ai worth it?

Yes, this is worth the price and very dependable. The AI output that this program produces can be quite high-quality which allows you to create much more content for your business in a fraction of time as before without having to spend hours on it yourself copywriting assistant because professional writers cost way too much money monthly than what’s being offered with just one months’ subscription fee.

How much does Jasper cost?

It comes with two plans, the starter plan and Boss Mode. The starter plan is for $29/month for a 20,000-word limit, but you can expand your word limit by more than 20k if the needed charge may apply.

Boss Mode starts at just $59/month with a 50,000-word limit to access all features. You also have access to the Long-form Content assistant that helps save time and write entire posts without copywriters. It will help you step by step with AI commands.

How does Jasper AI work?

This AI copywriting software that’s powered by GPT-3 technology can help you generate engaging content. It is trained with 10% website copy from all over the world, so your chances of getting relevant writing are higher!

Which Jasper AI plan is best?

I highly recommend purchasing the Boss Mode which unlocks the long-form assistant and gives you 50+ AI templates to write epic blog posts, marketing emails, or even books – I’ve been using it for months now with no regret.

What’s Jasper.ai’s refund policy?

If you don’t like it for any reason, They will give you your money back within 5 days

Is Jasper AI free?

This is not free, but you can try it for a 5-day trial with free 10,000-word credit. This way you’ll be able to write 3-4 blog posts and see how the tool works well before deciding if this product suits your needs or not.

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